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Helping Trivago with compare hotels

I believe that every solution have several paths. I’m the one called tab master. Always opening too many of them so I can nd a solution and more options to compare. I believe I’m not one of the kind.

Opening Trivago website, the rst thing I checked was user experience for desired destination to choosing right hotel for me.

When your desired destination is big city you will always nd several hotels that you want to compare. Trivago website have that option. I had struggled a little until I found it. It was heart icon that was over images. At rst glance I was not sure is this correct. Heart sign clearly indicates “like” or “share”. So I will pop up in some kind of share form or it will really add it to compare list. A er the clickI saw hotel in right sidebar and I was relieved.

“ Never give users a false hope. “

Quick solution.

Stop me at number 4. Isn’t much easier to just say : Hey man, you have lled the maximum elds for comparison ! Put the red box below the fourth hotel in the right sidebar.


Expand options with more than just 4 products.

Wrap 4 in a row and make it as carousel. And of course add swipe option for tablet and mobile devices.


Move it even further.

Sort it in row of 4. Put mini list on right sidebar.


Move it even further.

Use it for drag and drop.


Move it even further.

For older and less experienced users add illustrated tutorial.

 Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.45.58 PM

Make it responsive.

With this technique you can easily make it for smaller displays as well (Tablets, Phablets and Mobile). Reduce row numbers from 4 to 3 and for mobiles from 3 to 2.